Wisdom Teeth Extraction Picture

Wisdom Teeth

To the untrained eye, this is just a bloody tooth.  By the root anatomy, a dental professional can tell this is most likely an upper molar.  The root anatomy of wisdom teeth are highly variable, ranging from one root (or three fused roots) to this one with divergent roots.  This tooth was extracted in my Palm Harbor FL dental office.  The young man was sedated, healed quickly and had no memory of the procedure.  This tooth was not badly decayed, but malpositioned and extracted at the same dental visit that the other three wisdom teeth were removed.  For more information on the cost of wisdom teeth removal in the Tampa bay area of Florida call my dentist office at 727.789.1333

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  1. nice picture of a wisdom teeth – how long does it take to pull off a tooth like that?

  2. Anneliese says:

    Nice related information! I have been hunting for everything like this for a time finally. Many thanks!

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