Rotten Teeth and Gums

This picture illustrates a high level of intra- oral (and systemic?) disease.  Rotten teeth and teeth broken below the gum line are evident.  Periodontal, gum, disease is present.  As a result of this level of disease; red, inflamed, puffy and ugly looking gum tissue is seen at the tip of the arrow.  How can this level of disease in the mouth not have some systemic consequences?

Comprehensive treatment here involved the removal of all these rotten teeth, healing, placement of dental implants.  The final result, in my opinion, should have been an overdenture.  The patient expressed dissatisfaction with the overdenture, and I therefore made cemented acrylic teeth.  The patient was very happy with the remade final outcome.

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  1. vps housing says:

    It great that you can do stuff like this. I know someone has to help people, but I think it would be gross.

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