What is a dental flipper? Picture of a flipper.

Tooth #9

Tooth #9

Most dental “flippers” temporarily replace a missing front tooth / teeth.  They can be “flipped” out of the mouth easily – hence the nick name – flipper.  The more accurate and technically correct name for this type of prosthesis is an all acrylic removable partial denture.  The one shown in this picture temporarily replaces tooth #9.

This young man lives in Tampa, FL.  Due to an accident while visiting family back in New Jersey, his natural tooth #9 was avulsed (traumatically and completely removed from the dental socket.)  He sought immediate care, had a dental implant place with this flipper made to serve as a temporary replacement.  Upon returning to Florida, he found my Palm Harbor, Tampa bay area dentist office via an internet search.

He next visit with me will be to uncover the submerged dental implant, place an abutment and a temporary crown on the abutment until the gum tissue has healed.  If at all possible I will use a zirconia abutment for the definitive dental abutment due to its superior esthetics.

All dental work will be done in my Palm Harbor, Tampa area dentist office.

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