Tooth #8 extraction, bone graft and flipper

Now the first surgical phase is complete.  To recount, from the beginning, This young lady presented to my Palm Harbor, Tampa Bay FL area dentist office in late December 2011 with the chief complaint of a loose tooth #8.  After clinical and radio graphic examination it  was noted that previously crowned tooth #8 was hopelessly fractured.  After discussion of all treatment options, the treatment choice was to 1) Fabricate a dental flipper for tooth #8 so after the Christmas / New Years holiday time period we could proceed with the definitive care plan.  2)  Extract tooth root #8 and do site preservation bone grafting – this picture shows the completion of this phase.  3) This step will be to place the dental implant into tooth #8 site.  4)  The last step is to restore the dental implant with a dental crown – the dental flipper will be worn until the completion of this last step.

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    Great blog, finally a dentist who explains things. It takes time but it is worth it!

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