Decayed Teeth

Badly Decayed Tooth Picture

Badly decayed tooth

When a tooth or teeth are this badly broken or decayed, the patient faces the choice of three options in my Palm Harbor FL dentist office. 1) ignore that there is a problem and hope that it goes away – NOT a good idea, this will become an abcessed tooth potentially with serious health implications. 2) Removal of this tooth.  If this front tooth is removed, it can be replaced with a removeable tooth, a tooth supported fixed bridge or a dental implant supported crown.  for more information on this option including cost of dental implants and dental implant prices click   3) Root canal therapy, post & core build-up and a crown to restore the tooth to function and esthetic’s.  All of these options would be performend in my Palm Harbor FL dental office.  727 789 1333

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Badly Decayed Teeth Extreme Pictures

Badly Decayed Teeth

Fear of the dentist keeps many people from dental care.  In today’s economic enviroment the cost of dental care can be prohibative.  In my Palm Harbor FL dentist office we do our best to keep dental care affordable and a good value for money spent.  Although not perfect, the chosen solution may be removable teeth, which are often the least costly.  There are many ways to fix the badly decayed teeth in this picture.  Without judging,  the treatment option chosen will be in the patients best interest considering health and financial issues.

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Decayed teeth pictures

Decayed Teeth

This man presented to my Palm Harbor, Tampa FL area dental office earlier this month (Dec 2010).  Tooth decay is visible between his two front teeth.  Treatment chosen was full mouth tooth extractions, under sedation, and delivery of an immediate full upper denture and an immediate full lower denture.  Molar extractions, broken tooth extractions, periodontally involved tooth extractions were all done using dental sedation in my Palm Harbor FL dental office.  To learn more about gum treatments, including cost and prices, that might save teeth click     To learn more about dental implants, including cost and prices click

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Decayed tooth, Toothache in Palm Harbor FL

Decayed Teeth

Here we see the teeth of a professional gentleman who like many people neglect their mouth health due to fear of the dentist.  Many people avoid needed dental care due to fear.  Lets face it,  to restore this mans mouth to health is not a pleasant experience for him.  Dental anxiety is very common.  In my Palm Harbor FL dental office I treat many people who are scared of the dentist.  Treatment can be rendered when asleep (sedation dentistry).  Sedation dentistry can be very safely done, and it helps many people who are scared of the dentist.

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Abcessed tooth pictures

Dental Disease

Dental disease can harm a persons general physical health.  Abcessed teeth allow infection to enter the body.  The pathway for infection to enter the body is direct from the mouth into the bloodstream.  Chronic infection from tooth decay and periodontal disease can cause or contribute to many general health issues.  In my Palm Harbor FL dental office we help people achieve oral health.  Information on treatments for gum disese can be found at  Information, including prices and cost of dental implants in the Tampa Bay FL area can be fund at

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