Rotten Tooth Pictures

Root Canal Failure Tooth #13

X-ray of  Failed Root Canal

X-ray of Failed Root Canal

The words “root canal” ignite fear for some, but a root canal does not guarantee that the tooth will be “saved.” According to studies, the long term success of root canal therapy is between 40-60% – I know, I lost my tooth #10 to a failed root canal. No body did anything wrong “s-it happens.” Now lets discuss this failed root canal and how it and the cyst (dark at the tooth root tip) was treated in my Palm Harbor Dentist office was treated yesterday.
The above x-ray was taken yesterday, the new patient’s primary complaint was a broken Upper Left tooth that had hurt for more than 6 years even though a root canal had been done in a different State in 2010. The dark at the root tip is a cyst that had formed over the years in response to an infected tooth. Root canal therapy is one of the last attempts to save a tooth. At this time, the patient has one of three choices: 1) Ignore the problem – not a good idea 2) Have the root canal retreated or 3) Extract the tooth. The patient opted to have tooth #13 removed. Interestingly, he wanted pictures to show his children what can happen.
Extracted Tooth Root

Extracted Tooth Root

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Rotten Teeth Pictures

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThere are two crowns connected / splinted in this picture.  The crowns are what is seen in the mouth, the white shinny things we chew and smile with, but crowns must be attaced to either teeth or dental implants.  In this case, I put these splinted crowns on “Joan’s” teeth in my first Palm Harbor Dentist office in 1990.  The crowns are fine, her teeth and gums rotted over the past 20+ years.

These rotten teeth were extracted on January 8, 2013 by me in my current Tampa Bay FL area dental office.

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Picture of a Rotten Freshly Extracted Tooth

This obviously a picture of a still bloody freshly extracted tooth.  In my Palm Harbor dental office I rarely extract healthy teeth.  Why was this tooth extracted one might ask.  Note the two arrows pointing to where a pin perforated out the side of the tooth root and where the tooth has fractured due to this perforation.  This is tooth #20, the lower left second bicuspid.  Persistent pain and swelling were the symptoms associated with this failing tooth.

Replacement of this missing tooth can take may forms, removable partial denture, dental implant and crown or a tooth supported fixed bridge.  The latter option was chosen in this particular situation.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

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Picture of Vertical Tooth Root Fracture

Vertical root fracture:

Clearly visible in this freshly extracted #5 tooth (upper right bicuspid) is a line from the root tip to the crown.  This fracture itself is not visible on x-ray.  Pain, swelling and pocketing was evident.

In this series of pictures the fracture is shown in a progression coming apart.  Not all teeth are savable, this one was not.

Also noted in one picture is a post and root canal fill material (gutta percha), the pink stuff.


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Rotten Teeth – “Meth mouth”

Meth Mouth:

This picture shows the devastating dental effects of methamphetamine abuse – also commonly called “meth mouth.”   I have see this condition in my Palm Harbor dentist office on a number of occasions over the past 2 + decades that I have practiced dentistry in the Tampa Bay area.  The precise cause of meth mouth has not been proven, but most agree that many factors come into play to cause this level of dental disease.

Treatment is often full mouth extractions with immediate denture placement.  The treatment for this patient will be rendered in my Palm Harbor dentist office this month, August 2012.


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Rotten tooth #3 with cyst

Freshly extracted tooth #3:

This tooth was extracted on 31 July 2012 in my Palm Harbor dentist office.  The patient had been in pain for more than two weeks.  The pre-extraction x-ray showed an abscess on the tooth’s mesio-buccal root.  In these extreme post extraction pictures I have labeled the roots as well as the large cyst.

(A) points to the disto-buccal root of tooth #3

(B) points to the mesio-buccal root of tooth #3 (note the resorption of this root by the abscess

(C) points to the large palatal root.  In the second picture the cyst attached to the palatal roots apex is circled.

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4 Rotten Teeth

Teeth #s 5,6,9 & 10 were extracted today, July 10, 2012, in my Palm Harbor dental office.  A view of the mouth is labeled post extraction.  The freshly extracted labeled tooth are also shown.  (A) denotes a very deep cavity.  (B) identifies a cyst attached to tooth #10.  (C) shows two moderate cavities.

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Rotten teeth

Deep Cavity

Rotten tooth in extraction forcept

This tooth was extracted in my Palm Harbor, Tampa Bay Florida area dentist office this afternoon, July 9, 1012.

The tooth is held in a “23” or “cow horn” forceps.  The brown area in the coronal portion of this tooth is a deep cavity in tooth #18.  this long term dental patient of mine asked to have this very rotten tooth extracted rather than go thru root canal therapy, post & core build up and crown.  Some dentists try to talk their patients into saving all teeth.  I treat my patients as intelligent humans that can make informed choices about their health care.  If this registered nurse wants her rotten tooth #18 extracted, she is allowed to make that choice.  The patient was relaxed using non-IV conscious sedation, local anesthesia was used, the procedure went very smoothly and everyone is happy here.

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Bloody Rotten Tooth Picture

One of the most common search terms that people use to land on this blog has to do with “rotten tooth pictures.”  This is a picture of a freshly extracted upper molar.  The tooth was extracted on June 22, 2012 in my Tampa Bay area dentist office.

It is wise to try to keep ones natural teeth healthy for a lifetime, but at times for some people this is impossible.  Not every tooth is healthy enough to be kept.

A highly diseased mouth or teeth can ill affect ones overall physical health.  A healthy mouth can increase ones lifespan and quality of life but the opposite occurs with an unhealthy mouth.  Unfortunately sometimes removal of all teeth is the healthiest choice.

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Rotten Tooth and Gums

This is a picture of a tooth that was extracted in my Palm Harbor dentist office on June 22, 2012.  The tissue attached to the root is diseased gum tissue.

In many instances diseased gum tissue either comes out with the extracted tooth.

Sometimes the only treatment option for gum disease is extractions.  In cases of severe advanced periodontal disease any treatment to save the highly diseased tooth/teeth is futile.  In less severe situations many treatment options are available whereas in the past the only treatment option was periodontal surgery.

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