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Nothing is More Precious Than a Smile

To those who walk thru our door, we pledge care. Our Mission and Goal is to provide honest, comprehensive and comfortable treatment. The focus of our attention is the satisfaction of our patients’ needs and desires to the best of our abilities. Commitment to our common goal of oral health is both given and needed to reach these highest of goals. – Dr Paul Caputo Comprehensive Dentist Palm Harbor

Comprehensive Dentist Palm Harbor

When was the last time you went to the Dentist?

It may sound simple enough, but in these busy times when superstores and drive-thru windows promise to make our lives easier, the business of taking care of our teeth isn’t as easy as it used to be. In many cases it’s not just about seeing one dentist anymore. Dr. Paul Caputo, a Comprehensive Dentist in Palm Harbor, FL, has seen dentistry change in the past 20+ years, but he still believes in and provides a “personalized care approach.” Comprehensive dental care is what Dr. Caputo has been providing for over 20 years as a dentist in Palm Harbor, FL. “It’s what people want, it’s really what people are looking for, someone who cares and is responsible for their overall care.” Dr. Caputo , as a comprehensive dentist in Palm Harbor, has found a way to combine state-of-the-art technology with the kind of personalized care many of us grew. “It’s not actually a new approach, it’s keeping in touch with the patients.” In his East Lake Dental office in Palm Harbor, FL, Dr. Caputo is able to offer his patients high quality care and a personalized plan that takes dental treatment from beginning to end, all in the same dental office from the same professional team in Palm Harbor, FL. Dr. Caputo says “You are trusting your care to someone, it’s good to know who’s treating you. Dr. Paul Caputo, Palm Harbor DentistI want to treat a person, not just their teeth. People come to a dentist for teeth, they are looking for a final result.” As a comprehensive dentist in Palm Harbor, through it all, the emphasis is on the partnership of dental care, with patient and dentist working together to achieve the best possible result. It’s a commitment Dr. Caputo makes to every patient he sees in his Palm Harbor dental office. “I want to help make people comfortable in achieving and maintaining their dental health. My job is to figure out what a patient wants and what the patient needs and see if we can put the two together. In my Palm Harbor dental office, we pledge care; it’s as simple as that.”

Dental Implants in Clearwater – How can I find out about them?

A dentist well versed in all types of dental implants is our best source of information.  Dental Implants are something that gets added to the oral structures with the end result being comfortable, attractive teeth. A person’s needs are best met by an implant dentist who can properly evaluate your present oral health. A custom treatment plan can then be made for you. Dr. Paul Caputo, a dentist Palm Harbor, FL has been placing and restoring dental implants since 1989. He has been a Palm Harbor dentist since 1988 and also treats patients from the Clearwater and Tampa areas.. He is an Associate Fellow in the American Academy of Implant Dentistry.

How can I find out about Periodontal Disease?

Periodontal disease or periodontitis, is a chronic bacterial infection also known as pyorrhea, the stage of gum disease that follows untreated gingivitis. Gums recede and pockets may form below the gum line, becoming home to millions of bacteria. Supporting bone may erode, thus loosening teeth, which may in some cases be lost. Three out of four adults over 35 have signs of periodontal disease. Tooth loss though, is by no means inevitable, providing preventive measures are taken. Dr. Paul Caputo has been treating gum disease as a comprehensive dentist in Palm Harbor since 1988.


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